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Chocolate Amatller Barcelona

In this fast-changing world, the value of things that endure is increasingly appreciated. Maybe this explains why we fell in love with the Chocolate Amatller brand.

In 1972 Chocolates Simón Coll acquired the Chocolate Amatller brand. Founded in 1797 near Santa María del Mar, in the Born district of Barcelona, this historic brand is closely linked to the history of the city. At the time, the brand was threatened with disappearance. This would certainly have been a great loss. Ever since its founding in Barcelona in 1797, Amatller chocolate had built a reputation for quality and prestige comparable only to that of the great pioneer brands in the world of chocolate.

Chocolate AmatllerChocolate Amatller

Old engraving of the Chocolate Amatller factory. Cut-out advertising card Chocolates Amatller with children drinking hot chocolate. 1890.

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