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Frequently Asked Questions

All Simón Coll products are gluten-free except for the bag of praline eggs, which may contain traces.

Regulations oblige manufacturers to specify in their labeling the intolerances that a product may cause. But they do not require us to name the ingredients or intolerances that the product does not contain. As a result, the “gluten-free” symbol may or may not appear on the labels of the products.

Our labeling policy always includes the labeling of allergens (including traces). If a product has or may contain traces of an allergen, it will be indicated on the label. At present, all the chocolate manufactured by Simón Coll is free of egg and its derivatives. It also does not contain fish and derivatives, mustard and derivatives, crustaceans and derivatives, molluscs and derivatives, lupins and derivatives, sulfites (in concentrations above 10ppm), sesame grains and derivatives, celery and derivatives.

On the other hand, all the chocolate we manufacture contains (as an ingredient at the trace level): milk, nuts and soy.

Some specific products may contain: traces of peanuts (chocolate buttons, “Huevo Decora” (decorate your own eggs), Advent Calendar, Father Christmas 60g, Cacao Nibs) or traces of gluten (Cacao Nibs and Praline eggs).

Latex is not used in our facilities. We recommend that you check the label and, in case of doubt, contact us.

Once Simón Coll delivers the package to the delivery agency, they will provide a reference number or "tracking number" and send an SMS to the client. You can visit the website of the carrier and use that reference number to check the status of the delivery of your order.

Chocolate is a food product. For reasons of hygiene and food safety no returns are accepted. Click here to see our returns policy.

You can check delivery times here.

Buying at www.simoncoll.com is very simple. You can buy the quantity of products you want. There is no minimum purchase or other commitment.

We suggest two different ways to make your purchases:

a) As a registered user / partner.

b) As an unregistered user (guest).

To buy just go to the product section, choose in each category the products you want and add them to your shopping basket by clicking on the “Add to basket” button. All our prices appear with VAT / sales tax included. The basket is always visible on the upper right side of your screen, so you can know the items you have added, as well as the amount with VAT / sales tax (not including shipping costs). Once the product selection is finished, you can review the content of your purchase by clicking on the basket. To confirm the order, there are three simple steps:

Step 1: “Summary of your order”. You can see all the items that you have included in your shopping cart and change the quantity or get rid of those that you do not want. You can also return to the store to add other products. If you have a discount code, enter it now. You will see the final amount with VAT / sales tax and this discount applied, without the shipping costs.

Step 2: “User registration” If you are a registered user / partner, enter your email and password. This will facilitate the next step, since you will not have to enter the “Delivery details” each time you buy. If you make the purchase as a guest, that is, without registering on the web, you will have to enter all your delivery information in step 3 “Delivery details”.

If you want to register as a user / partner in this step 2, you can do so by filling out the registration form. Once it is completed, you will receive a confirmation email that you must confirm in order to continue with the purchase process as a registered user / partner.

Step 3: “Shipping information” If you are a registered user / partner, your buyer information is already filled in according to the information on the registration form. If you want to modify anything, there is no problem. In the delivery address, the address that was entered in the registration form appears by default. If you want to send the product to another location that is not in your registration address you can edit the data and modify the delivery address. If you are a non-registered user (guest), you must fill in both the buyer’s details and the delivery details. By not being registered in the system, these do not appear by default. In this step it is possible to see the suggested delivery date of the purchase. In addition, you will be able to change the delivery date to another, within a period of 1 month from the date of the order. In this way, it is possible to deliver products for specific dates such as birthdays, Christmas, “Reyes”, etc … (check with Monica) If you wish to receive an invoice, you can request it in this section. If you want to make a gift and personalise it with a message, you can also do that here. We will take care of including it in the package.

Step 4: “Confirm order and payment” Before making the payment and the final purchase, a screen appears to confirm: 1. Details of the buyer 2. Delivery address 3. Delivery date 4. List of products (item and quantity) 5. Discount code introduced 6. Delivery costs 7. Acceptance of privacy policies and data processing. If you agree, you will connect with the payment gateway. The data used in this transaction, card numbers, passwords … is not managed on our server but directly on the secure server. You can expand the information on Secure Payments and Privacy. (hem de fer aquest apartat on the web) Finally, we will send you an email with the confirmation of your purchase and we will give you the order number. You can also see a summary, with the amount broken down, the discount code – if there is one – and delivery costs. On this page you will be informed that, once we deliver the order to the delivery agency, it will contact you via SMS to specify the delivery date.

The Espai Xocolata is not a museum, but a visitor centre that offers a dynamic, hands on guided tour that explores the world of cocoa and chocolate. The tour begins with a panoramic audiovisual screen and you can also see the production line where we make chocolate. The tour includes chocolate tasting. The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes and is offered at several different times and in different languages every day. For more information click here.

For reasons of hygiene and food safety, there is no tour inside the factory but during the visit you can see one of the production lines that are part of the factory.

The tour doesn't include any children's activity or workshop.

Our tours begin on time. If you arrive late, you will have access to the room and you will be able to enjoy the rest of the visit. However, you will not be able to change the time of your tour or claim a refund.

The tour lasts around 50 minutes. (More information)

Combined visits are the combination of visiting the Espai Xocolata and visiting a winery, cava or interpretation center that we work with. The two visits must be made on the same day and must be booked at least 5 working days in advance.

To change the dates of your reservation, you will have to cancel it and do it again.

If you have entered as a registered user, you can cancel your reservation by finding the confirmation email of your reservation that we sent you at the time and clicking on the "Cancel Reservation" button. If you entered as a guest user, you must send us a cancellation email to visit@simoncoll.com. Cancellations will not be accepted by telephone.

All requests for collaborations are managed in writing and evaluated internally. You can send us your request here.